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Our Sustaniblity programs taken care by Labh Foundation are designed to provide long-term benefits to our employees, customers, shareholders, partners, and individuals in communities around the world

At Labh Group, corporate social responsibility has been the cornerstone of success right from inception in the year 1991. Objectives of Company in this key performance area are enshrined in its Mission statement: " help enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environment concerns."

Companies like Labh Group are essentially organs of society deploying significant public resources. We, therefore, are aware of the need to work beyond financial considerations and put in that little extra to ensure that we are perceived not just as corporate that exist for profits, but as wholesome entities created for the good of the society and for improving the quality of life of the communities we serve.

As a constructive partner in the communities in which it operates, Labh Group has been taking concrete action to realise its social responsibility objectives, thereby building value for its shareholders and customers. The Corporation respects human rights, values its employees, and invests in innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable energy flow and economic growth. In the past few years, Labh Group has supported innumerable social and community initiatives in India and abroad by touching the lives of people positively by supporting environmental and health-care projects and social, cultural and educational programs.

Besides focusing primarily on the welfare of economically and socially deprived sections of society, Labh Group also aims at developing techno-economic viable and environment-friendly products & services for the benefit of its consumers, while at the same time ensuring the highest standards of safety and environment protection in its operations.

Every year, Labh Group sets aside a fixed portion of its profits for spreading smiles in people lives across the country through a comprehensive community welfare and development program.

Labh Group has a concerted social responsibility program to partner communities in health, family welfare, education, environment protection, providing potable water, sanitation, and empowerment of women and other marginalised groups.

Labh Group has always been in the forefront in times of national emergencies.

Labh Group People have time and again rallied to help victims of natural calamities and contributing to relief and rehabilitation measures in cash and kind.

With safety, health and environment protection high on its corporate agenda, Labh Group is committed to conducting business with a strong environment conscience, so as to ensure sustainable development, safe work places and enrichment of the quality of life of its employees, customers and the community at a large. It is the firm resolve of Labh Group to move beyond business, touch every heart and fuel a billion dreams.

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